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Boating Accident Captured on Film During College Fishing Tournament

Two anglers from University of Florida College Bass Fishing team captured a very scary boating accident on their GoPro camera while running nearly 60 mph.

New Striped Bass Movie Release from HowardFilms!

The only fish willing to fearlessly range from rivers to deep oceans, shallow estuaries, and even to major US cities, dared us to follow. And we did – with rods and reels and the insider knowledge of the anglers in each town we visited.

ICast 2016: Optimum Baits “Boom Boom” Swimbait

Highly anticipated, the “Boom Boom” swimbait was designed by Fred Roumbanis. Watch as he discusses the ins and outs of what makes this one of the best upcoming soft plastic swimbaits coming on the market. Line through and belly weighted hook options both available. These baits will be shipping soon and available on

Icast 2016: New River2Sea Double Plopper

River2Sea releases its new Double Plopper rig. Based of the success of the original whopper plopper, the Double Plopper rig takes buzzbaiting to the next level. With two counter-rotating plopper blades not only does it still have the same plopping sound it creates an extreme commotion in the water. Another benefit is the ability to […]

How to fizz bass out of deep water

Catch A Limit Bass Fishing is a young up-and-coming group of anglers trying to

Revo Maintenance with Chaz Hickcox Fishing

Disassemble and cleaning of low profile bait casting reel. FOLLOW CHAZ HICKCOX FISHING ON FACEBOOK      

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