Measure It Smartphone Fish Scale the perfect Gift for any angler

Show your friends on social media how big that catch really is…

Joe Geringer is the creator/designer of this innovative product and more. He’s been a Product Developer for 23 years.

 Design is a passion of his, and in the summer of 2012 he was working on a completely different product category, trying to solve a problem in measuring something on an iPhone. It then dawned on him, that he can apply this new and cool technology to the outside world!

The Measure It Smartphone Fish Scale is the new way to identify and share your latest big catch on social media. The Measure It Fish Scale is designed to weigh fresh water fish and some salt water species.

App Features:

  • Measure your fresh fish weight accurately under 12 pounds
  • Library of fresh and salt water species
  • Photograph your catch via your smartphone’s camera
  • Seamlessly post on popular social media websites
  • Available for iPhone and Android phones




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5 / 5 stars     

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